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Unforgettable Valencia

Publicado por Manager en 29/12/2017
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Valencia is he third largest city in Spain.

The birthplace is of the most famous Spanish dish called paella. Is Valencia the place to visiting? Of course it is! Go ahead! You should see the city where everything is permeated with the spirit of antiquity and grace!

All the centuries-old history in the middle of the city the Turia River flowed, which constantly spilled and flooded the city blocks. After the last flood in 1957, it became clear that it was necessary to move the channel beyond Valencia. But how to use the liberated territory? The city authorities decided to asphalt the riverbed and improve the already excellent state of roads in Spain. But the residents resisted. And as a result, in a parched canal a huge beautiful park named “The gardens of Turia” was made. Its length is 7 kilometers! It is one of the largest parks in the world. Naturally, this zone is completely free of cars. Sprawling trees, riot of flowers, quaint fountains, sports grounds, running and bicycle paths, and even small ponds for bathing dogs …

With confidence, we can say that this place will win yours hearts and hearts of your children!

The grandiose project “City of science and art” is also located in the gardens of Turia. This is a huge space-type cultural, educational, educational and entertainment complex. “City” consists of five buildings. There is the largest aquarium in Europe, a planetarium, an opera house. The unique museum of science and technology is specially adapted for schoolchildren – all the exhibits can and must be touched and tested by practical means! Around the complex there is a variety of parks with streams and pools, there are bars and cafes. By the way, the design of the City belongs to the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, and this is one of the pearls of modern architecture!

Well, now a little bit about the centuries-old architecture.

The heart of the old town is Plaza de la Virgen, the square of the Holy Virgin. On it, near the Rio Turia Fountain, all the excursions begin. Here you can see the main treasures of Valencia: the crypt of St. Vicento, the Basilica of the Virgin Mary – an elegant baroque cathedral of the XV century (by the way, it contains the works of the great Goya), and, of course, the Cathedral of Valencia. This masterpiece of the XIII-XV centuries is deservedly called the encyclopedia of architectural styles. It is here in the chapel of St. Chalice that the Holy Grail is kept, which the Pope himself acknowledged to be genuine. According to legend, this is the Cup from which Jesus Christ ate during the Last Supper. The cathedral is open for visitors, and for extra cost a narrow spiral staircase leads you to the cathedral bell tower of Migeleta. Ah, breathtaking! What a magnificent view!

Nearby there is another famous building of Valencia, the Silk Exchange. But if you are already in a hungry, the central market, one of the largest markets of Europe, is two steps away! This is also a landmark, an architectural monument in the Art Nouveau style, covering an area of ​​more than 8,000 km². Eat fresh local fruits, vegetables, seafood, olives, and buy olive oil home.

And then you can go along the old and narrow streets of the ancient city. For sure you have to try the paella – in this city the oldest recipes of this dish, which has already become a symbol of Spain, – and the orchata – a signature Valencian drink, white and sweetish, with taste crushed nuts.

And the most important thing. If there is an opportunity to come to Valencia in the spring, you will have an unforgettable impression of one of the most spectacular Spanish holidays – Las Fayas (Las Fallas), which is officially held from March 15 to 19. In fact, it is a contest of huge sculptures made of papier-mache for a certain, usually satirical, theme. These are real masterpieces, the images of which the residents think all year round and then for their own money they made them in special workshops. Figures, or rather, sculptural groups, are installed on the streets, they are assessed by a special commission. Weight process is accompanied by stormy folk festivals, dazzling fireworks, a parade of color, songs, dances and – attention !! – mass burning of figures under the stormy ovations of the walking people on the last day of the holiday. The atmosphere is inexpressible, you just need to experience it!
Welcome to Valencia!

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